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Guardianship Solutions, LLC

Unique Solutions Based On Proven Experience

Guardianship Solutions, LLC is a unique service to assist Guardians in providing care to their Wards. We can assist in gathering pertinent information so that Guardians can make the best informed decisions on behalf of their Ward.


My name is Cheryl Cook. I am a Licensed Social Worker. I retired after working for Summit County Job and Family Services for 35 years; serving the last 10 years as the Public Guardian. This experience afforded me the knowledge and ability to acquire information necessary to make informed decisions and experience which allowed me to ensure that the Wards needs were being met on several levels. With my knowledge and understanding of Guardianship, I created Guardianship Solutions, LLC, a company that could be useful to both you and your Wards. Throughout my career, I worked closely with Summit County Probate Court staff, a variety of Social Service agencies, hospital staff, and many nursing home facilities

Services Include
  • New Case Review
  • Attending Care Plan Meetings
  • Pre-Need Funeral Arrangements
  • Complete Statement of Expert Evaluation for Annual Guardian Report
  • Medical Appointment Attendance
  • Regular visits to your Ward to monitor care
  • Consultation
  • Personal Shopper Assistant


  • Ohio Guardianship Association
  • Tuff Stuff Committee
  • Association of Medical Social Workers
  • Elder Abuse Prevention Coalition of Summit County

Unfortunately, we are not able to provide transportation for your Ward, but we are happy to meet them at appointments and provide all requested information. Our services are available throughout Summit County only.

For more information on the services provided by Guardianship Solutions, please call us at 330-612-0548 or you can email We look forward to hearing from you.